Digital NEST is dedicated to empowering underserved Latinx youth in California, we are thrilled to announce the addition of two exceptional individuals to its board of directors. Donna Riley Bebb and Bruce Roberson bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion for driving positive change in their respective fields. Their unique backgrounds will contribute to Digital NEST’s ongoing efforts to provide youth with the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to succeed in the digital age. Let’s delve into the remarkable journeys and the valuable perspectives these board members bring to the organization.

Donna Riley Bebb:

Championing Environmental, Social, and Governance Efforts

Donna Riley Bebb joins Digital NEST as Head of ESG at Thoma Bravo, bringing extensive experience and a deep commitment to environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Previously serving as Head of Global Credit and ESG at Google, Donna oversaw a vast portfolio, developing strategies to mitigate risks and align investments with Google’s mission and values. She brings a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and corporate responsibility, which will help Digital NEST further its commitment to creating a positive impact. 

Bruce Roberson:

Empowering African American Students Through Education

Bruce Roberson’s remarkable background in education and advocacy adds a vital perspective to Digital NEST’s mission. After retiring from a successful teaching career, Bruce dedicated his time to empowering African American students in various roles, including serving as the chair of the Education Committee of NAACP. His commitment to improving educational outcomes for underrepresented students is exemplified through his involvement with organizations such as the Lincoln African American Leadership Group and his work with different institutions throughout Stockton. Bruce’s experience in leadership training and community engagement will contribute to nurturing the potential of Digital NEST’s students, fostering a more inclusive and equitable future.

Building a Stronger Future Together:

Digital NEST’s continued success in equipping underserved Latinx youth with the skills and resources necessary for prosperous careers depends on the collective efforts of a passionate and dedicated team. The addition of Donna Riley Bebb and Bruce Roberson to the board further strengthens the organization’s ability to deliver on its mission. With their diverse backgrounds and unwavering commitment to social impact, Digital NEST is poised to make an even greater difference in the lives of youth across California.

Adding two new board members to Digital NEST signifies a thrilling new phase for the organization. These individuals bring distinct expertise and a steadfast commitment to making a social impact, which will greatly enhance Digital NEST’s mission of empowering underserved Latinx youth. With their invaluable guidance, the organization is primed to persistently bridge the digital divide, nurture talent, and equip the next generation for future career opportunities.