four websites created by digital nest

Web Design Institute launches sites

After only two weeks of instruction and hands-on learning, Digital NEST members have created websites for businesses and non-profits in and around Watsonville. By charging clients an affordable price, we were able to pay members for their work and keep our model sustainable. The members learned a lot in two weeks, but this is just the beginning. 75% of members who took these workshops would like to expand their skills in web design and client relations.

The Digital NEST Web Design Institute members have launched the first four sites:

Corralitos Open Farm Tour website

Corralitos Farm Tour
Member team:
Kai Bage, Katrina Torres, Celeste Ortega

My Mom's Mole

My Mom’s Mole
Member team:
Jorge Gonzalez, Cesar Rocha

Yoli's Adobo

Yoli’s Adobo
Member team:
David Morales, Pablo Reyes, Julian Nakanishi

New Way Homes

New Way Homes
Member team:
Hassyel Rangel, Alex Chavez

Getting the sites ready for launch would not have been possible without great clients and expert help from Scott Design and other professional volunteers. Thank you to all the clients that participated in our first iteration of the web design institutes. Your participation and feedback is helping us further develop our model. We will be partnering with a design agency to mentor and support their endeavors, improve the sites they made this summer, and take on more clients.

Stay tuned for more updates on how we are developing a more skilled workforce to help local businesses and organizations expand their online presence. Digital NEST will be launching more websites created by members in the Web Design Institute in the coming weeks.

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