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It’s that time, the Digital NEST year-end campaign. The good news is that for every dollar you donate, our generous supporter, Guy Kawasaki, will TRIPLE your donation! That’s right, triple!

At Digital NEST, we transform young lives by providing the opportunity and the tools to explore, prepare, and launch exciting careers. This helps break the cycle of poverty in underserved communities. Be a part of the solution!

Your donation contributes to the JOURNEY towards personal growth, skill development, and future job opportunities for young people who need it the most.


Samantha Muñoz

bizzNEST Intern, Digital Arts and Technology

“Through workshops, I’ve gained knowledge in advanced filming equipment and honed my editing and motion graphic skills, making me better prepared for a career in videography.”

Remy Rodriguez

Former member, Digital Arts and Technology

“Digital NEST guided me to become a communication specialist in multimedia by helping me build my resume, portfolio, and network.”

Edgar Rafael Robledo Salgado

bizzNEST Intern, Digital Arts and Technology

“The NEST’s productive and community-driven atmosphere boosted my confidence, helping me succeed in the film industry.”

Kim Pham

bizzNEST Intern, Web Design

“The NEST improved my web design and social skills. Career Navigation workshops motivated me to utilize my resources effectively.”

Your support is vital. Make your donation today and triple your impact!