In the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation and diversity intersect, the Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley (LCSV) at a memorable event on Sunday, November 5,  celebrated the resilience, strength, and sheer power of Latinas in tech and leadership. This year’s Sisterhood Brunch, themed “Ignite Latina Power,” highlighted the transformative spark, known as “chispa,” that resides within every Latina, driving positive change within their communities.

Dr. Antonia O Franco, Kelsey Flood, Aliyah Nance, Deborah Grant, Carolina Perez, Yazmin Herrera

From Digital NEST: Dr. Antonia Franco, Kelsey Flood, Aliyah Nance, Deborah Grant, Carolina Perez, and Yazmin Herrera.

Digital NEST is so proud to share that our very own Dr. Antonia O. Franco,  President and Chief Operations Officer, was a recipient of the Sisterhood Award for Leadership, Sisterhood, and Civic Engagement.  With almost three decades of experience, she has been a driving force in advancing access, equity, and a voice for marginalized communities. Under Antonia’s leadership, Digital NEST provides Latinx youth with the skills, resources, and network to build successful careers. Our mission, along with Dr. Franco’s unwavering dedication, is paving the way for a brighter future for our youth.

Digital NEST COO Dr Antonia O FrancoLatina Coalition Silicon Valley CEO Gabriela Chavez - Lopez

Gabriela Chavez-Lopez, the CEO of Latina Coalition Silicon Valley (LCSV), alongside Dr. Antonia O. Franco, President and Chief Operations Officer of Digital NEST.

The current landscape for Latinas in the tech industry reveals a stark reality. Latinas face significant wage gaps compared to their white male counterparts, bear a disproportionate burden from the COVID-19 pandemic, and remain markedly underrepresented in technology-related fields and leadership positions. These statistics underscore the urgent need for systemic changes to address these disparities and promote a more equitable environment.

Congratulations are also extended to Lisanna Dominguez, Silicon Valley Education Foundation, and Janine Ramirez, Rocketship Public Schools, recognized for their dedication to creating educational equity and advocating for underserved populations. Their passion and commitment serve as a source of inspiration for many.

The challenges faced by Latinas in tech and leadership roles are undeniable, but the Sisterhood Brunch highlighted the potential for change. Inclusivity, mentorship, investment in Latinas-owned businesses, and advocacy for supportive policies. 

An overflowing crowd at the event was a testament to the reminder that together, we can create a more equitable Silicon Valley where all can live successful, healthy and prosperous lives.

We will always be honored to have you as a colleague and friend!