Senderos Website

It’s been a year since Carlos and Jose stated working on the website for Senderos, a non-profit that promotes the preservation of cultures and languages of origin in the Latino community in Santa Cruz. Carlos and Jose were responsible for content organization, optimization of images for the web, and design of the WordPress website. The website was ready to launch early this year.

Curt Coleman, the Board President of Senderos, had nothing but good things to say about the site a year after we worked with him, “The Senderos website has been extremely important for developing our public image, for gaining email subscribers online, for publicity, and to show legitimacy to potential funders and donors. The website preparation was well explained and thorough and after completion we were able to make some final modifications and tune-ups. I am over 60, I’m now the webmaster, and I keep the site updated mostly on my own! It’s a bonus knowing that Digital NEST members were able to learn and practice their skills while doing us a service!”

Member developers:
Carlos Espino and Jose Carranza