Join our Programming Institute

Have you ever wanted to program your own robot? Do you wonder how computers work? If you are high school student curious about programming or a Cabrillo College Computer Science major who needs more support with classes, join our institute!

Digital NEST is partnering with Cabrillo College to provide a college-level computer science course at the Cabrillo Watsonville Center as part of our Programming Institute. You will learn C++ by programming Arduinos (microcontrollers) to create your own music players, electronic dice, or anything else you can come up with. The course will run from January 25th to May 21st and will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30PM-7:30PM.

If you enroll as a Digital NEST member, you will get tutors, food before going to class, institute t-shirts, field trips, and many more perks. We will also help with registration and getting materials for the course. Sign up below and we will follow up with you with more information.

Course date: January 25th, 2016- May 21st, 2016

Location for info session: 318 Union Street, Cabrillo Watsonville Center

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