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Please Support the Digital NEST: We’re almost to our goal!

Help us meet our November 30th deadline to receive a $100,000 matching grant!

We’re in the home-stretch push to reach our first fundraising goal, but we need your help before November 30th.

Digital NEST fundraising animation tree
The NEST has been offered a matching investment of $100,000 by an anonymous donor—if we can reach $200,000 by the end of this month. We’re extremely close with supporters of the NEST raising nearly $180,000 so far, leaving only $20,000 more to reach our matching grant level!

Once we receive our matching grant, our generous donors will have donated $300,000, and we need only $50,000 more to reach our 2014 goal of $350,000. We at the NEST obviously believe in the value of this space and access for the Monterey Bay communities, and hope you do as well.

Please consider making a donation before November 30th»

We currently have more than $180,000 in investments. We need to reach $200,000 by November 30th, and then we will receive an additional $100,000 from an anonymous donor. Please help us close the gap by investing today!

Please support the Digital NEST, where young people can walk in the door and enter the world of technology.

Everyone who contributes in the first year will be a Founding Funder of the Digital NEST – helping an anticipated 250 young people each month prepare for the future and contribute to a vibrant, strong, local economy.

There are three levels of Founding Funders:


STARTUP FUNDERS: $5,000 – $24,999


Invest in the NEST today»

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