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Our Mission

Digital NEST member with computer

Digital NEST (Nurturing Entrepreneurial Skills with Technology) is dedicated to providing equal access to technology and resources to young people in underserved communities. Digital NEST seeks to stimulate economic development by providing youth with the training, workforce skills, and inspiration to reach their full potential in school, in careers, and in life.


Our NESTs expand on the idea of a networked community. Digital NEST doesn’t just connect youth to the internet and workforce training but to a broad network of local businesses, elected leaders, community organizations and neighbors who experience the ripple effects of opportunity and optimism seeded at the NEST.

Above and beyond tech.

The NEST is an inspiring, safe space designed to meet our young people’s needs and invest in their full potential. Youth may come to the NEST to access the internet but what they find is much more- world class facilities, healthy food, and a family who will always have their back, inspire them to dream bigger, and feed their desire for a purpose-driven career and life.

Our social enterprise is transformative.

bizzNEST is our entrepreneurial, tech consultancy that serves local businesses, micro-enterprises and nonprofits. When you need high-quality tech and design services, there’s no need to look outside of the community, look within. Hire our local talent.

Empowerment builds coincidence.

Our members natural curiosity and interest in tech is easily channeled into college and career success. As they master new knowledge and gain technical skills and hands-on work experience, they become confident and capable to succeed in work and inspired to give back.

Rewriting our Future.

Rural, Latino communities have historically been locked out of the prosperous digital economy. Our youth often feel that success lies far away in other cities or regions. Digital NEST generates opportunity and excitement about what’s possible here in the rural Central Coast. We engage everyone in our work so that the entire community.

Bring NESTS to every rural community in California!

Every donation to Digital NEST connects more young people with opportunity, empowerment and community that will propel them to career and life success. Our vision is to create a NEST in every rural community up and down the state of California and beyond. At Digital NEST, we build brighter futures for youth and for our communities. Make a donation today!