Digital NEST field trip to Twitter and Square

October News from the NEST

Welcome to the NEST’s September newsletter! This month’s issue is full of great guests, trips, new staff, and dedicated members.

—Digital NEST Team

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Secretary of State Alex Padilla visits Digital NEST

NEST Visitors

California’s first Latino Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, dropped by the NEST to demonstrate his support for our efforts in building the future, highly-skilled workforce. Our special guest is the son of immigrant Mexican parents who was raised in the working class community of Pacoima, California, which resonates with most of our youth. Padilla graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. His visit to the NEST was both inspirational and heartfelt. He is working hard for California, and perhaps in the future, the nation.

NEST members at Twitter headquarters

Fieldtrip to Twitter and Square

After taking the sketchiest/scariest road up to San Francisco (Summit Road—never take it if you are in a hurry!), we made our way into Twitter headquarters. Our great hosts—Miguel, Ricardo, Sandra, and Tiago—gave us a tour through their trendy cafeteria, grassy rooftop, and co-working space. They offered our college-aged members great advice: follow your heart and mind, and anything is possible. Our savvy hosts are just a few techies that are opening doors for our youth in the high tech industry.

Our next stop was Square, which had to offer more than what we originally thought! They offer client-based customer support, a food-ordering business, Apple pay, and of course, the mobile payment square device. Out hosts—Megan, Marie, Matt, Ren, and Shuvo—showed us how quickly a small idea can grow into an exceptional innovative tool for the betterment of the merchant sector. A special thanks to our Board member, Laura Gomez, for making this trip possible!

NEST bloggers at book signing

Athena Blog meets Jane McGonigal

The Athena Blog website is now up and running! The Digital NEST’s Athena girls group will be posting new content monthly, on varied topics related to tech, including interviews with women in the tech industry, reviews of cool emerging technologies, ways in which technology is revolutionizing our world, and so much more!

Recently, Jane McGonigal—an American game designer and the author of Super Better (2015)—sat down with the Athena Blog group before her book signing this month at the Santa Cruz Bookshop. During the Q&A, she opened up about the concussion that rendered her with severe depression. Her background in game design allowed her to utilize her skill to defeat her illness. Her book, website, and mobile app are helping those who suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety. Read more about the interview on the Athena Blog website here. Are you game?!

Gabriel Media new Talent Director at NEST

Welcome Gabriel Medina to the NEST crew!

“My name is Gabriel Medina and I am the new Talent Manager here at the Digital NEST! I am completely stoked to be working with an awesome team and cannot wait to meet you and learn about your interests and goals in relation to being a NEST member or volunteer.” Read Gabe’s Bio »

NEST member Gabriel

Member’s Corner

On this month’s member’s corner, we would like to introduce you to Gabriel Gonzalez! He was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and at the age of nine he moved to Watsonville. He recently graduated from Watsonville High School and plans to start his own non-profit that will focus on Latino youth and building upon their entrepreneurship skills. He believes that “the way to change the world depends on our youth; to be leaders and entrepreneurs.” He has been a member since the NEST’s doors opened and you can find him here at the NEST creating illustrations on our Wacom drawing tablet for his YouTube channel series. Stop by and say hello to Gabriel!

Thank you for reading up on our continuing progress here at the NEST, and we’ll see you back for next month’s issue!

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