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Now Hiring: Youth Outreach and Engagement Specialist

We are hiring!

We’re looking for an 80% time Youth Outreach and Engagement Specialist. The position comes full benefits and is expected to grow to 100% time in the next 1-3 years. The candidate we select will be experienced in direct youth outreach aimed at engaging youth of color and will be a passionate spokesperson for the positive role that career can play in the lives of individuals and the prosperity of communities.

The successful candidate will have significant prior experience modifying or adapting youth outreach program designs and recruitment campaigns, ideally based on data from market research. The ideal candidate will have some experience coordinating and facilitating youth programming and a track record of forming authentic, strong relationships with youth during such programming. 

Successful candidates have to be authentic and trustworthy, with the ability to quickly and positively connect with youth. The individual we select will be able to maintain ongoing relationships with the youth s/he recruits, monitor their progress in programs and provide support and encouragement to those youth during times of challenge. The candidate we select will be a Latinx “cultural insider” and conversational or fluent in Spanish and must be sensitive to issues of culture, gender, sexual identity, class/socioeconomic status, poverty and immigration status.

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To apply:

Please send a resume that focuses on your qualifications specific to THIS position (we’re not interested in just a chronological accounting of your job history regardless of relevance of positions to this job opening). Also, please send a cover letter, or optionally, a image-based, visually rich “personal marketing flyer” or a video (no more than 2 minutes long).

The cover letter, personal marketing flyer or video should NOT repeat information in your resume; it SHOULD clarify or expand upon the information in your resume to better represent your unique qualifications for the job. Whether you provide a letter, flyer or video, we recommend it address some or all of the following:

1) What do you think are the most important design principles and on-the-ground practices for doing outreach activities or recruitment for youth ages 14-24 for a program like ours?  

2) What are the “tests” or “filters” that youth apply to outreach or recruitment activities to decide if the activity is worth their time as well as whether they want to find out more about a program?

3) What does the term “career” mean to you and why is the idea of a career important in our predominantly working-class Latinx families and communities?

4) What do you think youth ages 14-24 in Watsonville and Salinas think and feel about their career futures and training for those futures?Please email

Please email all application materials to [email protected]


Please email questions to [email protected]

  • We will direct you to the correct person.

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