Now Hiring: Soft Skills Experiential Educator and Program Lead: People, Projects and Leadership Career Training

We are hiring!

Compensation: $20.43-$24.64 per hour (Compensation at $22.83 or above will qualify this as a salary-exempt position)
Part-Time: 100%/40 hours per week
Benefits: Medical, dental and vision insurance; paid time off/flex holidays
Organization size: 16 employees
Reports to: Yazmin Herrera, Assistant Program Director
Location(s): Watsonville and Salinas
Position closing date: open until filled
First round of interviews: June 7 – June 22
Anticipated start date: July 30, 2018


Please send a resume that focuses on your qualifications specific to THIS position (we’re not interested in just a chronological accounting of your job history regardless of relevance of positions to this job opening). Also, please send two sample activity or lesson plans that teach critical soft skills with a note explaining your choice of the two plans.

Email all application materials to [email protected]


People, Projects & Leadership (PP+L, pronounced “people”) is a career training program at Digital NEST. People is aimed at the proverbial “people person,” and trains participants for people-oriented, tech-involved careers in areas like project management, logistics, event coordination, administrative support, human resources and sales. PP+L training is valuable to any career-seeker in today’s job market where employers have a difficult time finding candidates with the “soft skills” they need; these employers will hire candidates with these skills over other candidates because of the high cost and difficulty involved in training employees in these skills. Like all of the NEST’s career training programs, PP+L is designed with novice-level participants in mind and is designed to advance participants from novice to career-ready in three years of part-time training in the out-of-school hours. The third year of the program is paid on-the-job training in the business consulting arm of our organization. Graduates of NEST career training programs like PP+L have proven to be not just “career-ready,” but “career-competitive,” that is: able to beat out other candidates their age for open job positions. Like all NEST career training programs, PP+L is hands-on, “minds-on” and real-world project-based. However, under the new PP+L Program Lead, we intend to take this to a whole new level, using our existing project-focused youth groups as “learning laboratories” for soft skills development.


“Soft Skills” Lead Educator and CMG Program Coordinator

● Coordinate up to 4-6 work groups (called Contributing Member Groups or “CMGs”) at the NEST’s Watsonville and Salinas Centers – these groups are staffed by youth and perform various essential functions within Digital NEST youth centers; oversee the operations of these groups and support other program staff in their coordination of CMGs.
● Become expert at the NEST’s high-performance team-based soft skills curriculum as developed and launched by Eliad Consulting Group; serve as lead educator in implementing the curriculum across CMGs; train and support other program staff in using the curriculum in the CMGs they facilitate.
● Develop and teach supplemental soft skills trainings to address needs and fill gaps in youth learning, working in reference to a general “soft skills learning profile” applicable to all NEST youth members.
● Teach the basics of software tools for project- and event management eg Asana, Microsoft Project, Eventbrite, Survey Monkey, etc; quickly teach oneself the basics of new software tools and convert this knowledge/skill into youth training.
● Work with the NEST’s Volunteer Coordinator to identify and select volunteers and interns who can serve as guest educators and coaches or mentors for youth in the PP+L program. Provide PP+L-specific orientation to volunteers and interns. Oversee the contributions of volunteers and interns PP+L and work with the Volunteer Coordinator to assess those contributions and provide training, support and positive recognition.
● Design, schedule and lead PP+L half-day and day long career exploration field trips, typically five per year.
● Support the NEST Youth Outreach and Engagement Specialist in designing, developing, recruiting participants for, launching and running a youth-staffed project group to help with outreach and recruitment.
● Work with the NEST Volunteer Coordinator and Outreach and Engagement Specialist to recruit youth into CMGs; track youth hours working in CMGs for assessment and reporting purposes.
● Coordinate the partnership between Digital NEST and youth employment programs (Sueños and Turning Point).

Future Technical Supervisor for PP+L Participants in “Capstone” bizzNEST Paid, On-the-Job Training

● Collaborate with bizzNEST staff to develop the job profile for PP+L paid on-the-job consultant-trainees.
● Support and reinforce PP+L Member Consultants in following bizzNEST policies and procedures.
● Consult on the “technical” aspects of PP+L Member Consultants’ work.
● Support bizzNEST staff in the development and implementation of bizzNEST client service package(s) to be delivered by PP+L Member Consultants.

Key Member of the Digital NEST Program Team

● Deliver frequent and consistently positive messages about career development to youth.
● Monitor NEST youth participants’ status and wellbeing and share observations across the program staff.
● Contribute to the agenda for, attend, and actively participate in weekly program management meetings.
● Coach youth on career development; refer youth to outside career training and paid job opportunities and support youth in applying to, interviewing for, and being successful in, such opportunities.
● Provide general support to NEST fundraising efforts expected of all staff: showcase members and member work, speak articulately about programming, act as a model representative and evangelist for Digital NEST in the community.
● Participate in NEST evening and weekend programs and events on a regular basis; facilitate youth involvement.


● Attend weekly All-Staff meetings.
● Transport her/himself to NEST facilities and to outreach locations; occasionally transport NEST youth to programs/events.
● Performs other duties and tasks assigned by supervisor.


Leading an Experiential Education Program Focused on Soft Skills
● The cumulative equivalent of at least 2 years full-time experience teaching experiential education with youth in a program that assessed youth learning outcomes. Ideally this experience would have been in an organization or program similar to Digital NEST in terms of the kinds of programs offered and the kinds of youth served.
● Demonstrated experience mentoring, coaching or case managing a group of at least 10 youth program participants.
● Working knowledge of the principles of experiential education and the demonstrated ability to apply them to youth education, especially the use of “teachable moments” and instructional conversations as learning formats.
● Knowledge of professional soft skills, various soft skill frameworks and their application in group settings/the workplace.
● Solid group facilitation skills.
● Beginning -level conflict resolution skills
● Ability to communicate in a highly effective and proactive manner in professional- and youth-adult collaborations.
● Demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in doing direct youth service; ability to improvise, especially in teaching.
● Demonstrated experience and success coordinating a youth program with multiple, concurrent program components.
● Experience designing or developing components for at least two different youth programs or previous participation as part of a team that performed such work.
● Demonstrated ability to connect positively with youth; a positive, energetic and authentic presence.

General Qualifications

● Excellent time management skills.
● High level of work focus and productivity and a growth mindset.
● Ability to organize and prioritize tasks for self and staff across multiple responsibilities.
● Demonstrated resourcefulness and problem-solving skills.
● Culturally sensitive to Latinx culture, especially Chicanx/Mexican culture and youth subculture(s).
● Sensitive to issues of culture/ethnicity/race [sic], gender, sexual identity, class/SES and immigration status.
● Ability to be an ally to people of color, women and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning and intersex individuals and their allies (LGBTQIA).
● Valid driver’s license and a reliable, insured automobile.
● Must pass a fingerprint background check.


● Conversational or fluent in spoken Spanish; fluent in written Spanish.
● Significant experience providing formal, professional supervision to staff.
● Experience designing and revising programming based on assessment and evaluation data.
● Expert-level coordination of programs across departments and/or institutions.
● Experience reaching out to and communicating with parents, guardians and family members of program participants.
● Experience working with evaluators who were evaluating a program the candidate was leading.
● Expert-level instructional designer or curriculum development.
● Budget management experience or budget development experience.
● Experience conducting formal needs assessments and learning assessments.
● Experience with Customer Relationship Management software, eg Salesforce.


The candidate we select will be highly-skilled in experiential education: someone able to use active, working groups as the main vehicle for teaching a wide variety of “soft skills” to youth career trainees. The candidate will be able to coordinate and supervise the work of at least four – and as many as six – such groups and support other professional staff in their coordination and supervision of such groups; he or she will need to be an exceptional group facilitator. The candidate we select will be able to monitor a “learning profile” – a collection of targeted soft skill learning objectives – for each individual trainee, and will, over a period of time, be able to use group process, group reflection, individual participant reflection and “teachable moments” that arise during project work to help youth acquire the skills to match the profile. The successful candidate will be able to assess youths’ learning outcomes within the project group “learning laboratory” setting; s/he will be able to address the needs of, and gaps in, individual youth skill development by: 1) recognizing and leveraging “teachable moments” specific to those needs, 2) conducting “instructional conversations” on needs and gap-filling knowledge and skills with individuals and small groups and 3) by delivering more traditional knowledge- and skill-building workshops.

The candidate will love working with youth ages 14-24 and working with groups of people in general; he or she will be someone authentic and trustworthy, with the ability to quickly and positively connect with youth. The candidate we select will possess a wide array of high-level soft skills and positive mindsets including: self-directedness, group facilitation and leadership, communication, conflict resolution, design thinking, creative problem-solving, project management, public presentation, a high level of emotional intelligence and a growth mindset. The successful candidate will understand how youth need to use these skills and orientations to become successful in professional settings and their personal lives. The candidate we select will be a passionate spokesperson for the positive role that career can play in the lives of individuals and the prosperity of communities.. The candidate we select will be culturally sensitive to Latinx culture and be sensitive to issues of culture, gender, sexual identity, class/socio-economic status, poverty and immigration status.

An absolutely ideal candidate (who would command the high end of our salary range) will be an expert in instructional design/education program design. That candidate would have significant previous experience designing programs and revising that design, over time, based on program quality data. That candidate would have some prior experience participating in program evaluation activities. That candidate would have significant knowledge of positive youth development approaches and positive developmental assets. The ideal candidate will already be experienced in supervising professional staff. That candidate will have prior experience leading the coordination of program delivery across multiple departments or institutions. That candidate would be experienced with budget management or even budget development. The ideal candidate would be confidently conversational or fluent in spoken Spanish. That candidate would have substantial previous experience speaking with parents, family members and guardians about youths’ engagement in youth-serving programs an even previous experience speaking with those types of individuals about youth career development specifically.


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