Now Hiring: bizzNEST Manager

We are hiring!

Compensation: $18-$22/hour
30-40 hours per week
Organization size: 25 employees
Reports to: Program Director


Please send a resume and Digital NEST Employee Application to [email protected].

Job Overview

The bizzNEST Manager is an integral part of the bizzNEST team and the Digital NEST. bizzNEST is the Digital NEST’s affordable tech consultancy for regional businesses, providing professional-grade service packages in web development, graphic design, and video production for about 60% of the market cost. Equally important, bizzNEST is beginning, professional-level, paid, on-the-job training for Digital NEST’s career trainees ages 16-24 who have advanced through our programs and have the skills necessary to provide quality services. Called “Member-Consultants,” these trainees earn a wage while doing work for paying clients. Through this work, trainees hone existing skills, develop new skills, gain real professional experience, build a portfolio of professional work and become highly competitive for entry-level, career-track jobs in a technical field.

The bizzNEST Manager will work closely with the bizzNEST staff supervising Member-Consultants’ technical work and client communications on client projects. The Manager will manage bizzNEST clients across all three service areas (graphic design, web, video) through the entire client engagement cycle starting with reviewing the needs of potential new clients, signing the client,  intake meetings to further analyze the project, setting the scope of work and writing proposals for projects. Once a contract is signed, the Manager, along with the Technical Supervisor, will work together to meet the clients needs while providing a positive training experience for members. The bizzNEST Manager will be in charge of checking in with clients throughout the life of the project providing status updates and troubleshooting problems.

The bizzNEST manager will act as a mentor and support system for all member consultants with the goal of furthering their professional and personal development, through help with staying on task and on deadline, one on one meetings/informal chats. The bizzNEST manager will also evaluate members soft skill level and work with them individually and in the group to further their skills.


Client Project Management:

Provide exceptional customer service support for intakes and general questions via phone, email, and CRM.
Respond to inquiries from potential clients; maintain client relationships and communications; schedule client meetings (including involvement of bizzNEST professional staff and para-professional Member-Consultants); ensure that M-Cs are tracking with and prepared for their role in client meetings.
Identify and specify deliverables for clients by preparing proposals, quotes, and contracts.
Assign projects to departments within bizzNEST.
Serve as the primary point of contact with clients, ensuring the scope of their project work is clearly communicated, understood, agreed upon, coordinated, and delivered on time and to the correct standard of quality; troubleshoot any problems with project work and delivery. .
Create and maintain project files: through expert use of bizzNEST’s tool suite, including our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, Project Management tool, etc.
Monitor and perform quality control on work-flow processes. Evaluate workflow model with Member Consultants and Technical Supervisor every 6 months and execute on identified improvements.
Responsible for the-time and on-budget delivery of projects
Maintain a real-time, full understanding of the progress on all active projects; of update the bizzNEST Director regularly on the status, pace of progress quality and challenges on all projects; update project status daily on the CRM.
Prepare and send billing invoices to clients and informed on the status of invoices.

Member-Consultant Management:

Conduct 1-1 check-ins with Member Consultants
Assist with event coordination, such as Member-Consultant showcases, or demonstrations of work at Digital NEST event.
Assist with monthly leadership/ soft skills workshops for Member-Consultants
Coordinate professional development (eg field trips) for Member-Consultant


Follow up members progress
Generate and format reports
Complete administrative tasks as assigned
Support bizzNEST goals and metrics
Reach revenue goals as set by the director
Attend program meetings


General Qualifications

The candidate that we select will have experience managing projects and experience in sales, and/or client management. The candidate we select will be a passionate, self-directed, motivated individual who works well with young people and is committed to helping them grow into young professionals. A successful candidate will have prior experience demonstrating their ability to work on a team, have excellent verbal and written communication, and problem-solving ability. The bizzNEST Manager is responsible for providing high-quality and efficient customer service, works directly with clients, and with the bizzNEST Director to support Member-Consultants and bizzNEST projects and operations. As the bizzNEST manager, you will oversee the day-to-day operations of the department. The bizzNEST manager will set the tone and structure for our members and for the technical supervisors to maintain a positive and efficient work environment. The bizzNEST manager will stay informed of any and all schedule changes or conflicts, ensure timesheets are completed.

Management Skills:

Active Listening — Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.
Communication – ability to communicate clearly and constructively in a collaborative workspace
Service Orientation — Actively looking for ways to help people.
Critical Thinking — Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.
Excellent time management skills with the ability to prioritize and effectively multi-task.
Ability to take the initiative; attentive, assertive, confident, and willing to take appropriate action to accomplish tasks; ability to anticipate problems and act accordingly.
Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously with competing priorities to meet objectives driven by deadlines.
A positive and energetic public presence that youth find appealing and authentic.
Culturally competent with Latino culture, especially Chicano/Mexicano culture and youth subculture(s).
Sensitive to issues of culture/ethnicity/race [sic], gender, sexual identity, class/SES and immigration status.
Prior experience in sales, and/or client management.

Technology Skills:

Knowledge of Customer relationship management CRM software
Knowledgeable of Google Applications (mail, documents, calendar) and Microsoft Office suite,

Preferred-But-Not-Required Qualifications:

Bilingual Spanish/English
Experience managing projects in video production, graphic design, and/or web design

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