This summer, the Watsonville Digital NEST is hosting a modern take on a traditional game: NESTería! NESTeria is our unique version of the classic Lotería game, with the same familiar rules but with designs created by our Digital Arts and Technology (DA+T) members and staff.

The DA+T team finished their beautiful and creative designs in the spring, and now the Events Unit is hard at work planning and preparing to bring this event to the community of Watsonville.

The Events Unit, also known as E-Unit, is a course that falls under Digital NEST’s People, Projects, and Leadership (PP+L) pathway’s Program Management concentration. In this course, students receive instruction on the introductory concepts of project management. They also engage with soft skills such as organization, teamwork, decision-making, and more. Members also practice technical skills such as utilizing Google Suite and managing a budget.

Digital-NEST-Nesteria-Hashim-Muhammad-playing nesteria - loteria watsonville california
Digital-NEST-Nesteria-Hashim-Muhammad-working nesteria - loteria watsonville california

Digital NEST doesn’t just stop at giving instructional training to its members. We also provide opportunities for members to practice the skills they learn in class. With this in mind, E-Unit members, a group made up of Digital NEST interns and students from the community, take on the challenge of planning an event for their community.

E-Unit members this summer have worked together as a team to take on obstacles and solve challenges that have arisen throughout this process. They are trying their hardest to create an event that highlights the hard work of the artists while at the same time paying homage to the traditional origins of Loteria.

Coming to this event will help support and honor the effort of all the members, both from DA+T and E-Unit, who have worked together to make this event a reality. We hope to see you at the Digital NEST Watsonville center on July 28th for fun vibes, good food, and to (possibly) win a game of NESTería!

Here are some additional details about the event:

We hope to see you there!