From Participant to Powerhouse: Ana Lights Up Digital NEST Gilroy

Ana Marcos-Saldaña’s story proves that sometimes all it takes is a supportive space for amazing things to happen. When Ana, a 10th grader, first walked into the Gilroy Digital NEST Center, she was a little shy. It can be tough to walk into a new place full of unfamiliar faces.

Digital NEST makes people feel welcome. Day by day, Ana felt more comfortable about coming to Quest Club meetings and events. While participating in our programming, she began to take initiative alongside her instructor. Ana became a regular and even introduced six of her friends to the NEST! Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Ana started with the NEST in our Career Exploration program branch by joining our Quest Club.  With the support of the Gilroy team, Ana explored her passion for filmmaking and even entered a video contest! Her story shows that even the most introverted person can shine bright with hard work and a supportive network cheering them on.

“Digital NEST has been a supportive environment, where I feel like I’m able to express myself and be heard. I can let my creative side out by planning events and activities. It’s a place where I forget about my problems outside of school or home.”

Digital NEST member spotlight april 2024 Ana Marcos Saldaña Gilroy California

This is a perfect example of the magic of finding a community that makes you feel seen, heard, and valued. Digital NEST is all about helping youth discover their skills, build confidence, and chase after their goals. Seeing Ana blossom reminds us that anyone can grow and become the next best version of themselves.

Ana’s journey and the countless others like her are the perfect example of the value of having a center in the Gilroy Community. Let’s continue to support Digital NEST communities where dreams take flight and every voice is heard.

Ana, you are truly inspiring!

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