Digital NEST was privileged to have Martha Niño grace our 2023 career development conference (NEST Flight) as the closing keynote speaker on May 5th. Martha’s remarkable journey from an immigrant child to a successful professional in the tech industry inspires all. In her powerful speech, Martha shared her personal struggles, highlighted the pivotal role of mentorship in her life, and emphasized the importance of giving back.

Martha candidly shared the personal struggles that caused her to be withdrawn from high school and placed in a continuation school. During this challenging period, she was overwhelmed with sadness and anger, lagging behind in school while needing to work. Thankfully, a counselor at the continuation school stepped in and devised a plan to help Martha get back to her high school and graduate in just four months. Martha’s job under Beth also enabled her to acquire many new skills, propelling her forward.

Through a stroke of luck and a willingness to seize any chance that came her way, Martha stumbled upon a path that led her into the tech field. Martha’s tenacity and willingness to learn from the mentors who crossed her path propelled her toward her goals. Her story is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and the guidance of unexpected mentors.

Martha Niño’s closing keynote at NEST Flight 2023 had a profound impact on our attendees, particularly the youth and young professionals venturing into their career paths. Her personal narrative of resilience as an immigrant, her educational struggles, and her extraordinary accomplishments as a seasoned marketing professional in the tech industry spanning over two decades truly captivated and inspired our audience. Martha’s remarkable ability to forge deep connections and provide practical insights on overcoming obstacles and achieving professional milestones made her an exceptional choice for our conference.”

Jacob Martinez, Founder and CEO, Digital NEST

Martha stands as a smart, powerful Latina who has triumphed over adversity. Today, she devotes her time and expertise as a board member of Digital NEST, sharing her inspiring story as a motivational speaker and through her book “The Other Side, From a Shack to Silicon Valley.

Martha delivered some thought-provoking quotes during her impactful speech that left a lasting impression on the audience. When discussing imposter syndrome, she encouraged the attendees to embrace discomfort, stating, “Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” adding that confronting imposter syndrome head-on is crucial. She mentioned that as Latinx individuals, we often undervalue our work or think we are talking too much or showing off, but she emphasized that “we can’t hold back anything. This is our chance.” These words served as a reminder that self-doubt should not hinder progress and, instead, it should be seen as an opportunity for personal growth.

Martha Niño’s presence as the closing keynote speaker at the Digital NEST career development conference was nothing short of inspiring. Martha’s journey serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring youth, from her early struggles as an immigrant child to her eventual success in the tech industry.

A word from Martha Niño

A few years ago I gave a tour of Adobe to a group of Digital Nest youth – this day changed my life. One of the kids on my tour did not believe someone like him could be at a place like Adobe. Little did he know, I wasn’t just a tour guide.  In that moment, I spoke of my story in a corporate setting to this hesitant group, I said “I am you, let me tell you a story”.  I was from a shack in Mexico, my roots in cotton fields, lived in poverty but yet there I was at one of the top companies in the world – it was possible.

A few month later Adobe was looking for diversity stories of coming from different backgrounds – If they only knew, I thought.  Well, what if they knew. I was selected to speak in front of 1200 executives and not so long after I joined Digital Nest as a Board Member.  I have not stopped speaking and spreading the word – that we can add value and our experiences are valuable too.

When Digital Nest asked me to keynote Nest Flight – I had to say YES.   It was an opportunity to give hope to youth and young adults who are looking for others to give advice and guide. Like I did on that first tour, I guided. I hope my talk gave just a little more insight so that those hiring can open their doors just a little wider and to those hesitant to knock on those doors, knock and knock loud and say “I am here and I am ready”.

I am proud supporter of Digital Nest, their mission and everything they stand for. Keep changing lives Digital Nest  – you changed mine. For anyone reading this, let’s say yes to guiding, let’s say yes to speaking our stores and most of let’s give opportunity – ONE opportunity can help change not only the life of the person you helped but the future lives of the future generations that follow. ONE.  – Martha Niño

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