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Logo Design Contest

This is your chance to see if you have the skills to create a logo for a real company! Try this out, you have nothing to lose. Even if you don’t get a prize, you can have this creation as part of your portfolio. Design a logo for a company creating a device to help households save water, and get a chance to win $250.


Monday August 24, 2015 at midnight (11:59PM)

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Winning prize:

$250, credited at TechCrunch Disrupt, and automatic seat to Twitter and Square field trip

About the company:

Calliope Waterworks, Inc. is a device installed near the household water main that measures and profiles water use by category (i.e. toilets/sinks/washing machine/outdoor irrigation/etc), and then controls and optimizes the outdoor water use from all sources, including greywater or recycled water, if available. It also ensures outdoor watering complies with local water conservation policies. They take the guesswork out of water budgeting throughout the home and landscaping, resulting in lusher, greener landscaping with less effort, and less strain on water treatment and delivery systems.

The word Calliope, pronounced k-ah-ly-ah-pee, comes from the steam organ that was popular at fairs in the 19th century. The calliope conveys a system of pipes that carry air (or water, in this case).

They currently do not have a website or any branding. This is what they have up at the moment: Calliope website. The possibilities are endless.


The logo should be clean, modern, sleek, sophisticated.
The logo must represent the company as much as possible.
Your project file and exported file should be submitted by the deadline.
The client will decide the winning logo.


The client likes the logos for the following companies:

This is an example of a text only logo design.
Nest also has a graphical version of their logo that aligns with their text only design. Sometimes they use the N only. They are not used in combination, so it is not a combination logo.
This is a combination logo, it combines the icon with the actual text of the company being represented by the logo and the text is intrinsically combined with logo itself.
Simple combination logo
Another simple combination logo

1. Read everything on this page  
2. Start now! You only have 1 week.
3. Keep it simple
4. Sketch it out first
4. Get as many examples of the elements you want on your logo as possible.
5. Use your resources: Ask staff, meet with your mentor, ask other NEST members (even though it’s a contest, they will help), go on lynda.- A sketch and examples will help us help you.

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