Join me in celebrating our vibrant community at the first-ever La Ofrenda Festival in Gilroy, CA! 

Last year, I attended Gilroy Arts Roundtable meetings with burning questions: How can we better represent our Spanish-speaking community? What about a dedicated theater space? How can I contribute? That’s when I met Ruben Dario Villa, the enthusiastic new President of the group. We bonded over our love for Gilroy, community, and our experiences of being unemployed.

The Opportunity Knocked!

Months later, Ruben approached me to assist with a Dia de Muertos festival. I eagerly said YES! Now, as the Center Director for Digital NEST in Gilroy, I felt a deep responsibility to support this amazing project and unite our community, embracing our rich cultura.

Mixed Emotions, Exciting Journey

Embarking on this journey, I felt a whirlwind of excitement and nervousness. This was my first collaboration in my hometown for the Festival de Dia de Muertos! What an honor and responsibility to ensure authenticity and inclusivity, involving our community and sharing their unique stories.

Digital NEST: Fostering Creativity and Unity

Digital NEST has been a beacon of support for the Gilroy community, nurturing creativity and fostering unity through art, celebrating our cultural heritage. Collaborating with local artists, we designed beautiful community altares. These altares will grace the Sixth Street Studio and the Gilroy Arts Center, a total of 22 altares showcased on 5th street during the main event on October 28th.

Unity and Community Spirit

Working with Joey Castañeda and his amazing team, we successfully completed the altares for display. Collaborating with local artists brought immense joy, allowing us to create and dream together for the community we adore. Sharing stories of our artistic journeys reminded us of the incredible power of art.

Did I mention I am the MC?

As the event draws near, I reflect on that initial coffee meeting where I first learned about Digital NEST and the boundless possibilities. I’m excited to be the MC! From wondering if there was space for us to have the opportunity to present and share La Ofrenda Festival  is a complete full cycle. Good things indeed happen when we show up and commit ourselves to a cause.

Come, Celebrate Life with Us!

Join us in the heart of Gilroy at the inaugural La Ofrenda Festival, where we honor our ancestors and celebrate those who paved the way for us – por los que estamos, y por los que vienen. Let’s come together, honor our heritage, and celebrate life as a tight-knit community.

La ofrenda festival gilroy 2023

Learn more about the festival here