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July News from the NEST

Happy July!

We’re now in the heart of our summer programs. If you’re reading this on Friday, July 10th, teams of NEST members are putting the finishing touches on their maps of local ecology and communities, while the all-girl tech blog, Athena, is getting ready to go online.

School’s out for the summer—but for Digital NEST members, innovation is in.

Keep on being great—we’ll see you here soon!

—The Digital NEST Team

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Digital NEST web development graduates

Web Development Graduates

Eight months ago, we opened our doors to our community’s youth, with the goal of teaching high-tech, employment relevant skills.

And now we have our first series graduates in hands-on, volunteer supported education in Web Development, with our members building real websites for real clients–local businesses and partner nonprofits.

We’ll be posting on our Facebook page (and our totally redesigned website) soon when their websites go live!

Grind Out Hunger Partners Up

This week, we confirmed a partnership with Grind Out Hunger to supply lunch twice a week for all youth in our community, all summer long.

With full days of workshops, it’s perfect timing for the members to keep up their energy, and we’re proud to work with other great nonprofits to support our community’s health.

And, speaking of partnering up with great local organizations…

Derby Girls: Racing for the NEST!

Saturday, July 18th, come join us at the Civic in downtown Santa Cruz for an iconic event! Part of the proceeds will be donated to the NEST, and twenty of our members will be going as a generous gift from the Derby Girls.

So let’s go and make some noise—we’ll see you there!

Matching Donation

Thinking about donating to the NEST but short on dollars? Now is an awesome opportunity to make a great impact with a small commitment. We’ve been offered a matching donation from an anonymous friend of Digital NEST: for each person who signs up as a new recurring donor of $10 or more through July 31st, the NEST gets an extra $100–up to $10,000 total!

You can make a huge difference now in empowering your community with a small effort, this month. Make the pledge »

Athena bloggers

Member Spotlight: Three Sisters, A Friend, And a New Education

This week we sat down with four members in our “Intro to Blogging” Institute, run by the NEST girls’ group, Athena. Three sisters and their friend, all recently joined members, and we asked them what drew them to the blogging series.

Ana, a student at Cabrillo, says first, “Well, it’s all girls,” and they laugh. The community is a big attraction. Each of the others in turn expressed a long-time interest in joining the conversation on how tech and gender interact, and each has been looking for a way to step in and take part.

There’s a real sense of expectation that now is their time, and they speak with all confidence.

Marycruz, the youngest, sums up their thoughts:

“I like reading blogs. So I thought–why not write one of my own?”

Next month

Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter (we’ll have a surprise new piece of tech to unveil)—and if you want to hear more about all the workshops, events, and projects we’re up to, follow us on social media!

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