We are excited to share the inspiring stories of two individuals whose lives have been transformed by Digital NEST. Our feature begins with Martín Vargas-Vega, a founding member and current board member of Digital NEST. Martín’s journey with the NEST showcases a remarkable career path shaped by the support and opportunities provided by Digital NEST over the past decade. His story is a testament to the numerous success stories that have emerged from Digital NEST, illustrating the pivotal role it plays in launching promising futures.

Digital NEST Board of Directors - Martin Vargas-vega

Dear Reader,

I am so grateful for your support of Digital NEST.  Your commitment has been instrumental in my journey, empowering me to explore, prepare, and launch my career and a transformative change in my life. 

My journey began in 2014, dreaming of a future that mirrored the successes of tech giants. This dream, fed by the resources and opportunities provided by the NEST, has now blossomed into a fulfilling career.

I soaked up every training opportunity and landed a paid internship through bizzNEST. That experience and the NEST’s guidance built my skills and confidence. This was invaluable, sharpening my skills and allowing me to compile an impressive portfolio. The professional growth, support, confidence, individual attention, and friendships I developed at the NEST became the steps in my journey. 

A Digital NEST staff member noticed my potential and connected me to Adobe for a life-changing internship. I’m proud to give back to the organization that led me to a thriving software development career with a six-figure salary. Now, I mentor NEST members and promote this program that opened doors for me. 

My goal is to support the NEST, broaden its impact, and ensure that my story is just one of many success stories to come, transforming potential into prosperity and dreams into realities.

As a proud founding member and now a donor, please join me in investing in Digital NEST’s exceptional work. Together, we will make a significant difference in so many lives.

– Martín Vargas-Vega

And meet Alenica Cabrera, one of our newest Digital NEST members who has experienced firsthand the organization’s impact on her aspirations to become a writer. Alenica has found a community where she can connect and network with like-minded individuals, a crucial support network that promises to influence her career for years to come.

Alenica Cabrera Member Spring Appeal 2024

Hello Reader,

Growing up, extracurricular activities were only a dream because of money. So when I heard about Digital NEST, I figured it wouldn’t work out; it was just another program my parents couldn’t afford. But then I found out everything’s FREE! That was a game-changer.

My journey with Digital NEST began with a slight push from my dad, who encouraged me to try something new. Mainly because he knew I liked to draw. We visited Digital NEST and discovered a new world.

Digital NEST has become such a great experience for me. From skill-building activities to a delicious Thanksgiving meal at the “NESTgiving” event, I found a learning environment and a community. 

Looking ahead, I see a future of unlimited possibilities. I have met so many other members with similar interests and mentors who have contributed to my journey. Now, I see the possibilities of achieving my dream of being an author with the support I will get at the NEST. From graphic design classes to an internship at Digital NEST, I know I will have tools for my storytelling ambitions. From designing characters with my illustration skills to connecting with mentors to learn about navigating my career, my time at Digital NEST will continue to help me grow my skills.

For me, the NEST is more than just a place to learn; it’s my community – where people soar.

Thank you for your support– it is making a massive difference in my life.  Please continue investing in the NEST – it works, and I am proof. 

– Alenica Cabrera

Join us in empowering more young people in our community. Your donation today will help others explore, prepare, and launch into bright futures. Join the journey, support Digital NEST, and make a lasting difference in the lives of our youth.