Hack the Ville launches websites

Hack the Ville is a 4-week long web design institute, launched in partnership between Digital NEST and Hack the Hood, that taught NESTers valuable job skills such as client management, communications, and project management while they created websites for local businesses.

Hack the Ville launches its first four websites:

El Sistema Santa Cruz
Member developer:
Rodrigo Aldama

New New Deal USA
Member developer:
Martin Vargas Vega

Santa Cruz County Youth Violence Prevention Task Force
Member developer:
Xavier Rodriguez

Each NESTer worked on one website and learned the entire workflow process for creating websites, how to make graphics on Photoshop and Illustrator, and the basics of Search Engine Optimization and Analytics. All the NESTers who participated are enthusiastic about learning more about coding and we are excited to provide more advanced programming.

We’d like to thank our client management intern, Alex Chavez, for all the help he’s given us and everyone at Hack the Hood for providing such a great framework for teaching.

We will not be accepting any more new website clients until the summertime. Right now, we are working on creating a program for maintaining and improving the websites we already built.

Stay tuned for updates!