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First Class at the NEST: Content Marketing 101 (Student Bios)

Digital NEST workshop
Clockwise from top, all NEST students unless otherwise noted: Carlos, Perla, Yazmin (NEST Program Manager), Tyson, Aiden, Manu (guest presenter), Juan Pablo, Alex, Justen (Americorps Volunteer Coordinator).

We held the first class ever at Digital NEST on Thursday 11/6 at 4 pm! It was Content Marketing 101 and we discussed the idea of creating value for other people in their lives through your marketing communications rather than bombarding them with “Buy Now” messaging.

The students learned how to post a blog on WordPress and they all created one with answers to 4 questions.

1. How do you want to succeed?

2. What do you want to learn next?

3. What do you want to make for people? What can you give to others that will also make you happy at the same time?

4. What are you most looking forward to about the open house?

We decided to combine them into one blog. Enjoy and don’t forget to RSVP for the open house this Thursday 11/13, 4:00 pm at 17 Aspen Way, Watsonville, CA.


Carlos’s Story:

How I want to succeed, by extending my knowledge in technology. To learn how to put my imagination to use, I want to learn how to make digital things that amuse me and others. I also want to become a pro soccer player, to fulfill many of my relatives’ dreams.


Perla’s Story:

Throughout life, I want to succeed in some type of business. I don’t quite know what type of business yet because I need to learn more about it. How I picture my future job is working in like a Google or Apple or some type of high technology company. First, I think learning about graphic designing and how to create art in the computer would be a good start. Giving others like some kind of entertaining video would be great. I would really like to learn about video editing too that way I can show people how to do them and put them on Youtube and have people see how they are. I think the best thing to happen at open house is all the attention digital nest is going to get. Since the newspaper is going to be present, people all over the town are going to hear about it and hopefully, more members will join.

Google Headquarters
My future job.



Tyson’s Story:

How I want to succeed in digital nest is in videography and more professional grade video editing and some light programming. I want to have a big job in Hollywood in either a writer, editor, or director. The reason I want to learn some light programming is because I would like to build my own website about whatever really. So thats what I hope to accomplish at Digital Nest.


Aiden’s Story:

by becoming a video game designer

how to build a cool-looking lego spaceship (from scratch)

i would let them pet my service dog “lego”, also bring canned food

the coolest thing about the open house is i get to bring my service dog “lego”

i’ll also try to make a funny video of “lego” chasing her tail


Juan’s Story:

How do you want to succeed?

I want to finish school and get my masters degree in law and get a job in a big law firm near Santa Cruz County.

What do you want to learn first/next? 

I want to advertise my self for my work and have people contact me and trust me for what they need me for.

What do you want to make for people? What can you give to others that will also make you happy at the same time?

I would like to make special content that isn’t just something they buy and then just throw away, I want to make something that they can keep and appreciate.

 What’s going to be the most fun thing about the open house?

Seeing everyone gather around to welcome the opening of a great place and just the fact that Digital Nest will be ready for people to use.

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