Facebook donation to Digital NEST

Facebook Donation Doubles Digital NEST Computer Capacity

Facebook partners with Jacob Martinez and Digital NEST

Happy Digital NEST members and staff hoisted brand new MacBook Pro computers. They were joined by Juan Salazar, Facebook associated manager of state political outreach and Luis Alejo, California State Assemblyman to celebrate Facebook’s donation of 25 new laptops to the center.

Organizers of Digital NEST in Watsonville thanked Facebook for donating 25 new Macbook Pro laptops, increasing its computer capacity to train students in digital media, web development, 3D design and robotics.

“The donation from Facebook doubles the number of youth we can help at once,” said Martinez.

Juan Salazar, Facebook associate manager of state political outreach, Jacob Martinez, Digital NEST executive director, and Luis Alejo, California State Assemblyman shared a smile before the press conference announcing Facebook's donation of 25 new computers to multimedia training center Digital NEST. (Credit: Jan Janes)


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The above article by Jan Janes was originally published in Santa Cruz Tech Beat.

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