Scaling Up for Greater Impact

As Digital NEST expands its impact, it opens up new opportunities for us to make a positive difference in the lives of more individuals. With a clear vision and strategic planning, we are well-positioned to continue driving positive change in 2023 and beyond.

New faces and new opportunities

Digital NEST, is one of the most rapidly expanding non-profit organizations in the Bay Area, and we owe our growth to the success of our programs and growing recognition of our mission. To propel the NEST to even greater heights, we recognize the need for a continuation of strong leadership across all branches of the organization.

We are thrilled to introduce new members of our leadership team:

Development Digital NEST Deborah Grant

Deborah Grant

Chief Development Officer
Monica Villanueva Digital NEST Modesto Director

Monica Escamilla

Center Director, Modesto
Kelsey Flood Program Director Regional Programs

Kelsey Flood

VP of Programs

Monica Escamilla as Center Director, Modesto; Deborah Grant as Chief Development Officer; Kelsey Flood as Program Director; Colin Reeves-Fortney as bizzNEST Program Director; and Claudio Uribe as Communications & Marketing Director.

We are confident that they will steer the organization towards more successful outcomes and opportunities for growth.

Jacob Martinez
Founder & Chief Executive Officer