A Recap of the bizzNEST Spring Mentorship Program Pilot

Engaging Mentors through Digital NEST

In the early Fall of 2022, we embarked on an exciting journey to provide additional support to our bizzNEST interns by introducing a mentorship program. This Spring, we successfully piloted the program, connecting our interns with industry professionals on a 1:1 basis. The response from both mentors and mentees was overwhelmingly positive, paving the way for future growth and opportunities. We’ve been so lucky to work with volunteer mentors who were so eager to help our interns, and we celebrate our interns for being so open to this opportunity despite the nerves they were feeling!

What is the bizzNEST Internship Program?

The bizzNEST internship program offers youth a year-long paid opportunity to work on real client projects while receiving guidance from our experienced bizzNEST Managers and specialists. Interns gain practical experience in web development and design, graphic design, and videography. As we look ahead, we are excited to announce that we will be offering more internships in the upcoming Fall.

The Spring Mentor Program:

Our Spring mentorship program kicked off in early February with an informative welcome event for our mentors. Simultaneously, our interns had a dedicated kick-off meeting to discuss program expectations and the timeline. Throughout February and March, we encouraged our mentees to conduct informational interviews with their mentors. These interviews aimed to help the interns gain insights into their mentors’ roles, day-to-day responsibilities, and possibly even the inner workings of their respective companies.

Enhancing Professional Growth:

In April, we took a step further in supporting our mentees’ professional development. We asked them to share their resumes and portfolios with their mentors, who provided valuable feedback to help refine their materials. By leveraging the expertise of the mentors, our interns have been able to improve their documents and showcase their skills effectively.
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Preparing for the Future:

This month, as we near the program’s conclusion, we are conducting mock interviews. Mentors are dedicating their time to emulate formal interview scenarios, enabling mentees to gain valuable experience and practice for future interviews. These mock interviews not only build confidence but also equip our interns with the skills necessary to excel in their future endeavors.

Closing Celebration and Looking Forward:

To commemorate the success of our mentorship program, we will be hosting a closing celebration involving mentors, mentees, and our dedicated staff. This event will serve as a platform to highlight the achievements of both mentors and mentees and to share opportunities for growth in the upcoming program cycle. If you are interested in becoming a mentor with Digital NEST, we encourage you to reach out to us at sandra@digitalnest.org.


The bizzNEST mentorship program has proven to be a remarkable initiative in empowering youth through guidance and support. With the overwhelming response received during this pilot program, we are excited to continue expanding the opportunities for our interns and mentors in the future. Together, we’ll shape the next generation of talented professionals and create a brighter future.