Get ready, Stockton, because Digital NEST is opening this fall, and we’re bringing a powerhouse to lead the charge! Dr. Alicia C. Perry, a champion for youth empowerment, will serve as the first-ever director of the Stockton Center. With over 20 years of experience in education, Alicia is a pro at equipping young people with the skills and resources they need to launch incredible careers.

Why Alicia is the Perfect Fit:

  • Leadership and Empowerment Champion: Alicia is the living embodiment of Digital NEST’s mission. Her experience managing impactful programs in non-profit and government organizations makes her the perfect fit for this important role. From her work at the California Governor’s Office to the San Joaquin Partnership, Alicia has a proven track record of success in community development and youth empowerment.
  • Lifelong Learner: Alicia’s dedication to education goes beyond her impressive resume (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and her recent doctorate from the University of the Pacific). Her motto, “Never look down on someone unless you are picking them up,” speaks volumes about her commitment to lifting others.

Stockton’s Bright Future Takes Flight:

Stockton is about to become the fifth Digital NEST location, joining Watsonville, Salinas, Gilroy, and Modesto. Stockton is bursting with potential as the most populated community in the Digital NEST family (and the 11th largest city in California!). Digital NEST strives to work with the already established non-profits in the area while also bringing new opportunities and knowledge.  Digital NEST is here to help unlock that potential by supporting and empowering Stockton’s talented youth. Imagine the possibilities when a community this vibrant has the added resources that the NEST can provide to take its dreams to the next level!

Alicia joins Bruce Roberson

As Digital NEST takes root in Stockton, we’re building a team that reflects the community. This past year, we welcomed  Bruce Roberson to our board of directors. This education and advocacy leader brings a wealth of experience to the table. A retired teacher who dedicated his career to empowering students and improving educational outcomes for all, Bruce is a perfect fit for our mission.

Under Alicia’s leadership and Bruce’s guidance, Stockton’s youth’s future looks bright. Digital NEST is committed to ensuring every community has a voice at the table, so we prioritize local leadership. Together, we’re building with the community, not for them.

Get ready, Stockton – it’s about to be an incredible journey!