Digital NEST is getting ready to open its doors to the Modesto community very soon! In the meantime, we would love to meet with youth (ages 18-24) to share information on the services Digital NEST will provide and get insight into how we can best support our local youth!

In-person informational session

Be one of the first to see the Modesto NEST and learn how you can join the NEST as one of our founding youth members!

An in-person information session will be held Thursday, June 8th
at the new Digital NEST location in Downtown Modesto
at 1012 11th Street, Floor 4, Modesto, CA 95254
from 6 to 7 p.m.

A virtual information session will be held Friday, June 9th from 12 to 1 p.m.

Digital NEST Modesto California Virtual Event

Digital NEST is opening a center in Modesto California

The new Modesto Digital NEST center aims will to address several critical needs within the community, as outlined in the “Stanislaus 2030” report commissioned by the County. One of the key areas identified in the notification is the necessity for improved access to technology and a skilled workforce in the tech industry. Our center, the NEST, is designed to fulfill these needs by focusing on the youth in the community and bridging the digital divide.

At the Modesto Digital NEST center, we are dedicated to providing young individuals with access to technology and empowering them with skills in various digital disciplines, including digital arts, web information and technology, and digital marketing and communication. We believe that all industries are inherently connected to technology, and by equipping our youth with these skills, we strive to reshape the perception and application of technology in the future.