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Remy is soaring to new heights as a professional doing work he loves because of the skills he obtained from the NEST.
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Shakira’s personal and professional growth has been greatly facilitated by the support and opportunities available to her as a Digital NEST intern. Imagine the impact you could make by providing similar resources and opportunities to other young women in the field of technology. Your donation of $5,000 today can help open doors for these women to excel in the Web & Informational Technology industry, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.
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Since 2016

members have become bizzNEST interns, paid to build skills working on real projects with real clients.


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About their career journey Through NEST Flight and Digital NEST programming.



Students like Freddie have limitless opportunities when they come to Digital NEST. They are given the connections, resources and network to succeed in any career path they choose. You can help unlock the potential and open doors for more young students like Freddie with a $1,000 gift today!


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have been provided with free technology, a safe creative collaborative space, workforce skills training, mentors, inspiration and opportunities to soar

Since 2014


members have been placed in high-quality career-track jobs, internships, and/or college.

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