Jacob Martinez in the stairway at the NEST

December News from the NEST

Jacob Martinez in the stairway at the NEST

A note from Jacob…

These days I am deep in reflection and gratitude for all the good things surrounding the Digital NEST.
You are one of them.

Here’s why you are special to the Digital NEST:

  • You take a stand in your own way to make our world better. The world needs more people like you.
  • You believe in something important.
  • You allow the NEST into your inbox so we can share with you how support is making a difference.
  • You give us the gift of your time.
  • You are committed to things that are greater than yourself. A deep bow to you for your commitment.

I am so grateful to be your partner in making our community a better place. And I hope you’ll enjoy our last newsletter of the year knowing that your time, your energy and your contributions are making a difference every day at the Digital NEST. Every day! Here’s to the next 365 days of working together to make the world a better place.

Happy Holidays,


Jacob Martinez
Founder and Executive Director
Digital NEST
[email protected]

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Digital NEST is moving!

Digital NEST Watsonville location

It’s official! The Digital NEST is moving to downtown Watsonville. We plan to open our new doors at the Cabrillo College Watsonville Center. Our new place will be bigger in space, but also bigger in technological and entrepreneurial innovation. More details to come!

One-year Anniversary

Digital NEST cake Digital NEST anniversary party

Last month, we celebrated our one-year anniversary! Oh, we are a baby nonprofit! We were joined by NESTers, donors, board members, and supporters. The crowning moment of the night was the awards of completion of our institutes in web design and film. The NESTers worked very hard to complete their websites for their clients, and the instructors, Yazmin and Gabriel, were a great support system through the entire journey. Check out the NESTers’ client websites here!

SC Chamber of Commerce Gala

Jacob Martinez wins Entrepreneur of the Year Digital NEST staff celebrates with Sam Farr

As mentioned on last month’s newsletter, our executive director, Jacob Martinez, was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce. Our staff, board members, and supporters were honored to be at the gala where Jacob, along with many other great innovators and organizations, were recognized. The NEST team was commended by the likes of former congressman Sam Farr, and Jacob’s selfie says it all!

Game Night, Cyber Security, and Logo Design

Our second game night this year was yet another success. It gives NESTers with master gaming skills and a passion for game design to collaborate and have fun! With the triumphant outcome of game nights, keep an eye out for more to come. We put on two awesome workshops last month. The cyber security workshop, taught by our savvy facilitator, Yvonne Wilson, exposed NESTers to the ethics of effective cyber security and how to create a profile application. We also had logo design entrepreneur Yobani Martinez, facilitate our Logo Design workshop. The NESTers learned how to work with clients and develop their own logo designs from scratch.

Member’s Corner: Meet Salvador!

Digital NESTer Salvador

December’s member corner brings you Salvador! A senior at Pajaro Valley High School, Salvador came into the NEST unaware of his interests in tech and entrepreneurship. It was not until he was invited to one of our field trips to visit local start-ups in Santa Cruz that he became inspired. Specifically, the start-up Design by Cosmic, Inc., led him to choose a career path in free-lance web development. In addition to great trips such as this, the NEST has “given me a space where I can work, have access to free resources, such as mentors, internet, food, parking, and a chance to meet like-minded youth.” As the son of Mexican immigrant parents, he has been taught to always follow his dreams, no matter how hard it might get. He plans to attend Cabrillo College next year and then transfer to MIT. Stop by the NEST some time, and say hello to “Sal!”

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