Silicon Valley may boast about its innovation, but the picture remains incomplete when it comes to diverse data leadership. That’s where Digital NEST steps in, offering a unique model to nurture talent right in our backyard.

What started as a chance encounter with a brilliant student struggling for basic internet access, blossomed into a thriving network of co-working spaces across the region. In his article “A More Inclusive Way to Create New Data Leaders,” our founder and CEO, Jacob Martinez, shares the organization’s journey and challenges, paving the way for valuable insights for data leaders and companies alike.

Digital NEST understands that access to technology is just the first step. We provide training, career guidance, and most importantly, a supportive community for young tech enthusiasts. This network serves as their “safety net,” bridging the gap often faced by first-generation students lacking established connections.


NESTers leading the way, from left to right, Mayra Ochoa, Rolando Mendoza, Giovanni Medina, Arturo Fuentes and Cosme Dondiego at our Watsonville Center

Attracting seasoned instructors willing to share their expertise remains a hurdle. However, the success stories speak for themselves. Placing graduates in top tech companies and witnessing their collective earning power showcases the impact of this model. It’s not just about individual success; it’s about empowering communities and ensuring America’s competitiveness in the data-driven future.

So, what can data leaders do? Jacob urges companies to look beyond traditional university pipelines and explore community colleges, state schools, and innovative organizations like Digital NEST. By investing in training and partnerships, companies can unlock a wider pool of talent and contribute to a more diverse and thriving data leadership landscape.

Join us in shaping the future of data leadership. Explore our programs, volunteer your expertise, or simply spread the word. Together, we can bridge the gap and empower the next generation of data leaders, regardless of their background.

Read Jacob’s article at Data Leadership Collaborative.

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