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Give your business a boost by having our Member-Consultants create a video to tell your story. Post your new video on your website, social media, and newsletters and watch the interest in your business increase! Don’t take our word for it, check out our work.

How to become a bizzNEST client

All businesses have to follow 3 steps before our members get to work on your project:

Step 1: Screening Form

First, we need you to fill out our VERY short screening form. Once you submit the form, we promise you will hear from us in 48 hours.

Step 2: Client Intake Form

We will contact you and collect more information to help us determine our ability to serve your needs and ensure we can finish the project according to your timeline.

Step 3: Contract

If we can help and you decide to work with us, we will write a contract that fits your needs and budget. We will start the work shortly after you sign off on it!

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Gabriel Medina

Gabriel Medina

Digital Arts and Technology Manager
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Marcus Cisneros

Video Consultant
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The Video Production Process

Our specialty is producing videos that tell a story. Below is the process we go through with every video we produce to ensure that you are getting high-quality work.


We write up a storyboard or shot list based on the story you want to tell.


Our production crew takes the storyboards and brings them to life on set.


The editors take what the production team shot and edit it into your story.

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