A spirit of celebration filled the air in our bizzNEST program. Through dedication and perseverance, these individuals gained technical skills, confidence, and invaluable experiences that have propelled them forward in their careers.

Julian Cabadas

Accepted to SJSU for BFA in Digital Media

Julian Cabadas utilized Digital NEST as a starting point to gain industry knowledge and access to the supportive community before being accepted into San Jose State University’s digital media program. He found Figma, “untaught in his previous schools,” an invaluable web design tool. Julian benefited from meeting new people and finding opportunities to collaborate and explore his interests. He advises students to be curious and join the NEST in their second or third year of college to discover new passions. Julian looks forward to leveraging the confidence and connections gained at the NEST for future opportunities. He believes the Digital NEST opens possibilities for future generations in Watsonville by providing tech education and inspiration not previously accessible.

Kim Pham

Summer Internship at Adobe

Kim was motivated to join Digital NEST to gain real-world experience by collaborating with tech professionals and expanding her skills. She developed collaboration, communication, and problem-solving abilities while working across teams. Kim valued building meaningful connections with mentors and interns receiving career guidance. She advises youth to ask questions, put themselves out there, and be curious, as the best opportunities come from actively networking and connecting. Kim looks forward to utilizing the technical and soft skills gained at the NEST to advance her career confidently. Having a supportive community of trusted mentors in her hometown through the Digital NEST empowers Kim to develop as a professional continually.

Lizeth Villarreal

Video Editor at Stanford

Lizeth found the Digital NEST fascinating because it helps young people, especially those in underrepresented communities, get into fields like filmmaking. She gained practical industry skills using professional cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. Lizeth valued the sense of belonging and receiving support to pursue passion projects. She advises being confident, trying new opportunities, and staying dedicated. Lizeth looks forward to expanding her network and skills to meet client expectations. Though commuting from Gilroy, seeing the Digital NEST’s impact made her wish for such accessible resources in her hometown growing up. She hopes the platform can similarly inspire youth to discover their passions.

Ivan Ramirez

Production Assistant for Warner Bro’s Film Project

Ivan was stoked about the Digital NEST, getting hands-on with video gear, and working on a like-minded team. He learned to be a team player and polished his editing and filmmaking skills. His favorite part was collaborating with the video production crew – having that squad made him feel way more motivated than being a lone wolf. Ivan advises people to befriend people with the same drive because it helps them push each other to keep grinding. And don’t sleep on any opportunities that come your way. Always chase them! He’s thrilled that his hometown has a place like the NEST where he can count on the incredible staff for guidance whenever he needs it. While he can’t spill all the deets, Ivan is over the moon about his new gig – it’s seriously a dream come true.

Ramiro Felix Digital NEST bizzNEST

Ramiro Felix

Accepted into CSUMB for his Undergraduate Degree in Communications Design

Ramiro joined Digital NEST to learn more about web design and gain experience in the tech field. He developed public speaking skills and became proficient in Figma and coding. Ramiro valued networking with interns, staff, and mentors and the professional work experience. He advises interested youth to watch informational videos and utilize Digital NEST’s resources to explore tech careers. Ramiro looks forward to applying his new skills in school to a future career. Access to Digital NEST’s opportunities in his underserved hometown is invaluable. The organization empowers first-generation students like Ramiro to break into the tech industry.

bizzNEST logo

Launch your career through a paid internship with bizzNEST, Digital NEST’s in-house digital media agency. Work with real clients, gain hands-on experience, and receive career coaching and mentorship to help you prepare for the next phase of your journey.

Who: 18-24 Year olds
What: 1 year PAID internship, June to May, or September to August 15-20 hours/week
Where: Digital NEST Centers: Watsonville, Salinas, Gilroy, Modesto

Jacob Martinez - Digital NEST - Founder and CEO

“The Digital NEST was established to equip young people with the necessary skills, network, and confidence to succeed in today’s professional world. We are proud to announce that these five youths are now ready to take off and make the most of the opportunities that come their way. We have complete faith in their abilities and are confident they will thrive. Furthermore, we want them to know that we will always offer additional support if they ever require it. Once a NESTer, always a NESTer.”
Jacob Martinez – Founder and CEO of Digital NEST

Photography by: Genevieve Rico