Santa Cruz County’s first Ag-Tech MeetUp sows solutions

An hour away from Silicon Valley, agricultural Watsonville has the makings of a tech hub. Next to its berry and lettuce fields, startups are building robots and mobile apps to aid farmers. Digital NEST, a nonprofit teaching technology to youth, hosted Santa Cruz County’s first Ag-Tech MeetUp, modeled after the popular New Tech MeetUps held monthly in Santa Cruz.

Best of Santa Cruz 2015 Editor’s Picks

Tony Hill Award-winner Jacob Martinez founded Digital NEST (Nurturing Entrepreneurial Skills with Technology) in Watsonville, in the hopes of closing the gap between available academic resources and technology know-how. The NEST hopes to create technology centers in vulnerable communities all over California as it has in Watsonville, where the impact has been almost instantaneous.

Non-Profit Brings Tech to Rural Youth

Huffington Post explores how Digital NEST is tackling tech’s demographic problem. By bringing in local 15-to-24-year-olds, encouraging young women to join, providing a safe place, contemporary computers, software, and workshops, Digital NEST aims to change the face of technology. Martinez sums up Digital NEST as a “Technology center that is removing barriers that youth face on the pathways to their careers.”