This summer, members of Digital NEST were handed an exciting challenge – to produce a 2-3 minute documentary of their choosing within a tight 8-week timeframe. The canvas was wide open, allowing them to explore any topic that sparked their creativity and passion on their own.

The members had all they needed to start crafting their visions, equipped with top-notch camera kits featuring Canon M50 MarkII cameras, cages, handles, microphones, and tripods. The only guidelines they had to adhere to were to complete their final edits before the end of the summer programming and ensure their content was suitable for audiences of all ages.

The learning journey was comprehensive, covering the fundamentals of pre-production, production, and post-production. Each member assumed a specific role crucial to documentary production: Director, Director of Photography, Sound/Lighting operator, and Editor. These roles were carefully curated to provide clarity and a foundational understanding of the intricate process of bringing a video project to life.

Alondra Zamudio, Digital NEST’s Video Specialist, guided the course, whose expertise proved invaluable in imparting the necessary skills to the members. For most participants in the Summer video course, this marked their maiden foray into the world of video creation – a thrilling introduction to a realm brimming with creativity and boundless potential.

Azucena Nieto Digital NEST Member
Azucena Nieto

Director, Director of Photography

Melanie kate Digital NEST Member
Melanie Kate

Camera Operator, Sound/Lightning

Gabriel Melgoza Digital NEST Member Watsonville
Gabriel Melgoza

Camera Operator / Editor

Alondra Zamudio
Alondra Zamudio


Giovanni Medina Digital NEST
Giovanni Medina


This project showed how hard these new filmmakers worked and how much they learned.  We can’t wait to see what these students make next, and we know the Digital NEST community will keep creating amazing stories. Stay tuned for more creative adventures!