Jacob Martinez speaks with Tech Crunch about Women in Tech

10 Men Making Waves for Women in Tech

Jacob Martinez speaks with Tech Crunch about Women in Tech

When it comes to the hotly debated issue of women in technology, male advocates are particularly important. The fact is, we all make and inhabit the culture of our industry, and we all need to participate in fixing it. Men are an essential part of the solution.

Fortunately, men who invest their time and energy in women in tech are not in short supply. Male advocates for technical women are out there, and here are 10 men working to get and keep more women in tech.

Just a short drive from Silicon Valley, but worlds apart in terms of industries, Jacob Martinez has spent 11 years building the next generation of Latinas in tech through the Watsonville TEC (Tecnología-Educación-Comunidad)project.

He has been successful in inspiring Latinas from this farming community to move into post secondary education and careers in the tech, with many of his students receiving awards and scholarships. He is the author of multiple publications on engaging Latinas in technology careers. His latest project, Digital NEST, will be a hip work/makerspace where young people can come together to learn skills, innovate, and create their futures. “All these kids were motivated to get into tech, but they didn’t have access,” Martinez said. “I always thought to myself, ‘What would the outcome be like if they had the access?’”

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